Trademark Services:

  • Trademark clearance searches

  • Applying for federal trademark protection

  • Licensing and assignment agreements

  • Co-branding agreements

  • Trademark portfolio management

  • Trademark monitoring and enforcement

  • Pre-litigation advice and counseling

  • Trademark litigation in the District Court for the District of Oregon

  • Proceedings before the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board (TTAB)

  • Alternative dispute resolution (i.e., mediation and arbitration)

Word Trademark Lawyer

Word Marks.

Protect the words that make up your business names, product names, service names, and slogans—without any particular style.

Color Trademark Portland

Color Marks.

Protect the non-functional colors of your products and branding that distinguish your business from competitors.

Portland Design Trademark

Design Marks.

Protect the stylized logos, badges, graphics, and icons that indicate your business as the source of particular goods and services.

Sound Trademark Portland

Sound Marks.

Protect the short, distinctive, and memorable sound logos that consumers associate with your business and your brand promise.

Portland Design Trademark

Trade Dress.

Protect the “look and feel” of your business, including its product design, web design, packaging, and even architecture.


Collective Marks.

Protect the trademarks that your organization, association, sports team, or club uses to identify itself and its members.



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