John Lee (이종헌)

Patent Illustrator.

John Lee is a Chicago-based designer and patent illustrator who draws upon his background in visual arts and architecture to thoughtfully and effectively visualize inventions for Protea Legal Co.’s patent clients.

John received his Master of Architecture degree from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 2012. Since then, John has worked creatively with independent artists, non-profits, businesses, institutions, and law firms alike. Notable projects, collaborators, and sponsors have included 96 Acres, AIA Chicago, Art Works Projects, Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago, Northwestern University, Pivot Arts Festival, and Propeller Fund.

As a patent illustrator, John uses his deep understanding of spatial relationships and architecture to depict a detailed and compelling story for each invention. John’s patent illustrations aim to provide clear insight into the uniquely patentable features of each new design, method, and device.

John also actively engages in community-focused equity work. He is the co-founder and Director of Design at Axis Lab—a non-profit interdisciplinary arts organization based in Uptown, Chicago that provides creative programming centered around equitable development in the neighborhood.

In addition to his design and patent illustration work, John is a documentary photographer who captures real world moments and uses natural lighting to create crisp lines and dramatic compositions. John’s next professional goal is to tackle videography.

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Phone: (971) 808-2448



Civic and Professional Involvement.

  • Axis Lab – Founding Director of Design

Skills and Proficiencies.

  • Patent Illustration

  • Art Direction

  • Architectural Design

  • Graphic Design

  • Web Design

  • Photography


  • Master of Architecture – School of the Art Institute of Chicago

*Note that John is not an attorney. However, he works closely with our patent attorney to deliver visually beautiful and technically accurate patent drawings for our clients.