Copyright Services:

  • Applying for federal copyright protection

  • Licensing and royalty agreements

  • Copyright assignment agreements

  • Work-for-hire agreements

  • Determining copyright term and ownership

  • Advising on public domain and fair use

  • Online enforcement and DMCA takedowns

  • Pre-litigation advice and counseling

  • Copyright litigation in the District Court for the District of Oregon

  • Alternative dispute resolution (i.e., mediation and arbitration)

Portland Copyright Lawyer

Literary Works.

Protect your written works, including fiction, poetry, prose, periodicals, and teaching materials.

Portland Entertainment Lawyer

Visual Arts.

Protect your works of visual art, including illustrations, sculptures, paintings, and photos.

Portland Entertainment Lawyer

Performing Arts.

Protect your works intended for an audience, including music, plays, scripts, and podcasts.

Software Copyright Lawyer

Digital Content.

Protect your computer-related works, including video games, apps, and user interfaces.



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